Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Private Whois

When you register your domain, your contact information will be available via a Whois database. If you are interested in privacy, there are some alternatives:

1) The 'Do-It-Yourself' Method -
a) Set up a phone number for free w/ voicemail and possibly call forwarding
b) Set up a fax number for free
c) Set up an e-mail address for free
d) Set up a P.O Box or other mailbox which may have a monthly fee

For 'free' options, there may be limitations (i.e. maximum number of voicemails / month or faxes / month), however, they provide you with a low cost option for contact information to list in a Whois database, if you don't want to list your primary contact information.

2) The "Pay-For-It" Method -
a) There are several companies and registrars out there that provide Private Whois services. Essentially, they list their contact information in the Whois database and forward communication to you. Their fee for providing this service may be similar to or less than the cost of setting up a P.O Box or other mailbox. However, when comparing options, check to see if there are any additional fees on top of any monthly / yearly fees with respect to each item that is forwarded to you (if you get a lot of mail / voicemails, the 'forwarding fee', if any, could add up quickly).

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