Monday, November 12, 2007

National Arbitration Forum (NAF) Overview - Part 1

If you intend to arbitrate your domain name dispute via the National Arbitration Forum, the next series of postings will be dealing with the proper process and suggestions to help strengthen your arguments. Although that does not guarantee you will be successful, with the help of your own attorney, you will be providing strong arguments for an arbitrator to consider.
An outline of the overall NAF process can be found here:
Essentially, once a complaint is properly filed and confirmed by NAF, it will be forwarded to the registrar (to lock the domain and ensure it is secure during the proceeding) and to the registrant / admin contact for the domain name to allow for a response. Once the response period is over, the arbitrator / panel will review the arguments and then provide a decision. This is typically a smooth process that will provide a resolution for the domain name(s) at issue; however, there is no provision for any monetary damages.
So, if the sole remedy you seek is the domain name and you do not care for monetary damages, an arbitration panel such as NAF is a good option that can provide results within a timely manner.

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