Monday, February 18, 2013

Gambling Online in the U.S.

Currently, it may not be practical to develop a website based solely in the U.S. to take bets from users in foreign countries, nor base a website overseas and take bets from all U.S. patrons. However, in the past year, certain states, such as Delaware and Nevada, have moved forward with their own online gambling proposals for users within their own state.

As this provides opportunity for Zynga and other online gambling websites based within those states, to keep gambling within those borders, there is a new opportunity for individuals to gamble legally from within their own homes - in those particular states. Also, it permits new tax revenue for the states that implement the rules and regulations needed to permit such gambling.

Federal law does not permit cross border transactions for gambling within the U.S. at this time, however, certain states have taken a 2011 ruling from the Justice Department in to move forward with online gambling within its own border. Accordingly, it may be a while before we see anyone making a legal wager from a bungalow in Hawaii.

For now, the opportunities are near for the launch of the first legal gambling website online and it may not be a surprise that 2013 turns out to be the year. For some users in Delaware or Nevada, as well as state budgets and possibly several other states following close behind, they may be hitting the jackpot soon!

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