Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cell Phone Unlocking

If your cell phone contract just expired and you are now month to month and 'free' to switch to another provider, it may be as easy as a phone call to your current provider to request your phone to be unlocked. If you are not out of contract but want to switch providers OR are travelling internationally and intend to use the phone on a different carrier network for a period of time, beware of possible copyright infringement liability if you try to unlock the phone yourself.

As a result of inaction by the Library of Congress to extend an exemption, as of January 26, 2013, unlocking a phone on your own is illegal. However, on March 4, 2013, the White House issued a statement that they have taken note of this inconvenience and is asking Congress to take action for the benefit of cell phone users nationwide. The FCC may also issue some regulatory action to preserve the prior exemption until new laws are in place.

Although cell phone providers indicate it should not be difficult for a user to contact them and ask for an unlock, as most consumers know, the wait times for customer support and/or endless transfers from one representative to another is time consuming. Furthermore, not all physical store locations are convenient, nor are the available when travelling internationally. The convenience factor is huge and should not impose any hardship on the cell phone provider, except for the chance to talk to you to change your mind - if you are leaving their service.

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